Through his consulting company Tinashe Management Consultants, Kash in conjunction with a network of consultants and service providers, offers the following Services;

Property Management

Full turnkey management solutions for residential property owners.


Sourcing and supplying a wide variety of products from suppliers in Southern Africa, Europe and Asia. Scope of products available to source is based on client requirements and specifications.

Operations Administration

Ancillary support services for start-up companies, small to medium enterprises and Non Profit Organizations. Some of the services include company registrations, submission of annual compliance reports for NPO’s, email & web domain hosting, book-keeping, tax, accounting and finance services.


Macrolite Logistics is a transport company based in Southern Africa, offering long distance haulage services. The company offers tanker transportation services for food raw materials, mainly molasses. The inward and transit capacity of the regular and jacketed food grade tankers ranges from 29 to 32 tonnes. Kash is currently the Operations & Country manager for South Africa.


Through a network of consultants with many years of experience, researching within various fields of study, TMC offers Research & Feasibility study services. For any queries or further information kindly send an enquiry on the address below;